June 15, 2018

LIMBS: Legal Information Management and Briefing System


In the wake of judicial pendency, LIMBS Is an initiative by Ministry of Law and Justice which aims to make government litigation more efficient.


With this, the information about cases involving 64 ministries/departments which was scattered in different places in the form of physical files has been made avaliable on a single platform in electronic form.


Purpose: LIMBS is meant to improve the Union government's handling of cases. Its purpose is not that of facilitatinb research and reportage.




Can everyone access the website?

No. An advocate, an arbitrator or a new user from a ministry/ department can log in. A ministry's designated nodal officer authenticates the user's credentials and only authenticated users are allowed to access the website and enter the case details.


Does it extend to criminal cases?

As of June 2018, only civil cases are included in its domain. But one never knows, it might be extended to criminal cases too in future.


Is it applicable to the state governments?

No. It facilitates only those civil cases in which the Union government is one of the litigants.


Special features:

  • To deal with contempt cases, LIMBS assigns highest priority to such cases which may casue unfavourable conditions for higher officials.

  • SMS prompts are sent to concerned officials for a timely action.

  • Most cases and most contempt cases are against railways.


It is still a work in progress.




  1. Credibility of the union government in matters of litigation increases.

  2. It will facilitate Ease of Doing business, "minimum government maximum governance", Digital India.

  3. It will be a boost for transparency, accountablity and efficiency of the government.

  4. It will reduce time and monetary obligations of the government.


LIMBS is a step ahead in right direction as the progress of cases can be easily recorded making way for further judicial reforms in the country.



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