Draft National Energy Storage Mission

April 29, 2018

Ministry : Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


  1. Renewable energy sources now make up almost one-fifth of India’s total installed power capacity. However, as power grids increase their share of solar and wind energy, the problem remains that the peak supply of renewable sources does not always meet peak demand.

  2. For instance, solar energy generation may be at its peak at noon, but unless stored, it will not be available when needed to light up homes at night. Moreover, renewable sources are inherently intermittent: there are days when the wind doesn’t blow or the sky is cloudy. This makes it important to store energy.

  3. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set up the Energy Storage Expert Committee to propose creation of the National Energy storage Mission for India. The committee has submitted its recommendations to the Ministry and accordingly the Draft National Energy Storage Mission has been formulated. This will be open to public comments in few months.

 Why store energy?

To cut down on fossil fuels and to achieve our "Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)", it becomes imperative for us to store energy generated from renewable sources which itself is inherently intermittent.

​Focus Areas:

  1. The draft focuses on 7 areas namely,

    • Indigenous manufacturing;

    • An assessment of technology and cost trends;

    • A policy and regulatory framework;

    • Financing, Business models and market creation;

    • Research and development;

    • Standards and testing; and

    • Grid planning for energy storage.


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