"Solve for India" - An initiative by GOOGLE

April 27, 2018

Why in news?


GOOGLE is launching a three-month India-focused mentoring programme for startups. 


Google is expanding its efforts to engage with startups in tier-II cities in India, after running a year-long pilot through its ‘Solve for India’ programme. 



History of mentorship provided by Google to Indian entrepreneurs:



"Launchpad Accelerator"

Google has been active in India through various programmes such as the Launchpad Accelerator and the Launchpad events, and it has developed a very local high touch engagement programme for a growing number of Indian startups that are building solutions to solve for critical challenges of India.


Google had launched its accelerator programme by the name Launchpad Accelerator to provide mentorship, training and support to mobile startups in India, Brazil and Indonesia in 2015.

Through the programme, Google had also provided up to $50K in equity-free funding.



  1. The programme is aimed primarily at startups who have come out of the minimum viable product stage and are looking to scale up their products 

  2. The American internet firm is launching a three-month India-focused mentoring programme for startups that are building solutions to serve the country’s local needs and solve problems using technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

  3. With this programme,the objective is to build a bridge between startups and the industry ecosystem and provide them with the right technology support and mentorship to help them succeed .

Structure for "Solve for India":

It was launched in 2017.

‘Solve for India’ focusses on bringing the best of Google expertise across product, UX/UI and the latest technologies including machine learning and AI to help emerging startups that are focussing on building solutions that serves for India’s needs.


Participating in the first bootcamp, were founders of startups, including Nebulaa, Slang Labs, PregBuddy, LegalDesk, PaySack, Vokal, FarMart, Meesho, Pratilipi and M-Indicator.


Similar programmes:


Google is not the first tech giant thats boosting the Indian startup ecosystem.


Enterprise software company Oracle also has the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Programme in India. UC Berkeley, in collaboration with startup incubator and makerspace IKP Eden, also launched a medtech accelerator in Bengaluru. 

Microsoft is also running a global Accelerator programme in India and it has also partnered with Accenture Ventures to support startups in the growth-stage that create solution for enterprise.



Road to future:

Google is one of the myriad tech giants that’s closely watching the tech entrepreneurs in India and in the recent years, it claims to have witnessed an exponential growth in entrepreneurial and startup activity that goes beyond the big metros.


With India being at the centre of attention, no doubt, startups are now increasingly gaining momentum to raise successful ventures.


With tech companies like Google, that is coming up with India focussed programmes such as Solve for India, on the task to mentor Indian startups, not only the startups are in for a gain but also, India can now look forward to dissemination of information to nurture the ecosystem to move towards a positive growth.




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