Maharashtra Project for Climate Resilient Agriculture:

April 6, 2018



  1. The Government of India, Government of Maharashtra and the World Bank signed a US$ 420 million project to help Small and Marginal farmers in the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. 

 Focus Areas:

  1. It will be implemented in rural areas largely dependent on rainfed agriculture.


  1. In recent years, climate variability has affected agriculture in Maharashtra, where farming is largely dominated by small and marginal farmers. Farmers have low crop productivity and a high dependence on rainfall. Severe drought in the past has affected the state’s agriculture performance.


Features: The project will take up a series of activities at the farm and watershed level.

  1. Farm level:

    • It will scale up climate-resilient technologies such as 

      • Micro irrigation systems, 

      • Expand surface water storage, and 

      • Facilitate aquifer recharge, which is expected to directly contribute to a more efficient use of scarce water resources. 

    • It will encourage adoption of climate-resilient seed varieties which have benefits such as

      • Short maturity, 

      • Drought and heat resistant, 

      • Salt tolerance.

  2. Watershed level:

    • Project activities include 

      • Building drainage lines and 

      • Preparing catchment area treatment plans.

    • This will promote a more efficient use of surface water for agriculture, complemented with a more sustainable use of groundwater, which will ultimately improve the availability and quality of water at the farm level.

  3. Logistic & Support level:

    • To strengthen emerging value chains for climate-resilient agricultural commodities, the project will improve the capacity of Farmer Producers Organizations to operate as sustainable, market-oriented, agri-enterprises


  1. Carbon Sequestration:

    1. This project will help mitigate that through carbon sequestration which involves planting trees in upper catchment areas and afforestation; growing fruit trees on small orchards; and incorporating crop residues (biomass) into the soil.

  2. Increasing Farmer Income by making crops more resilient to climate change.

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