North East Industrial Development Scheme, 2017

March 25, 2018


The Government has taken several initiatives for development of industries in the North Eastern Region. Policies and Programmes are directed towards development of infrastructure, entrepreneurship skills, markets and providing flow of credits to the entrepreneurs. The orientations of the programmes are focussed to a large extent on

  1. Cluster-based approach to industry,

  2. Industries based on local resources within the Region, and

  3. Encouraging the industries in the medium and small-scale sectors. 

One such scheme for industrialisation of North eastern states including Sikkim is North East Industrial Development scheme, 2017.

Focus areas of the NEIDS Scheme:

  1. MSME sector

  2. Employment generation.

Features of the Scheme:

Note: The overall cap for benefits under all components of incentives will be of Rs.200 crores per unit.



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