MISSION INNOVATION - A Global Initiative for Clean Energy.

February 24, 2018

Clean Energy:

Clean energy is a nebulous term which mean different thing for different people. For some, even natural gas and nuclear energy is considered as clean fuel while others accept only Solar and Wind energy as clean energy. In general we can define Clean Energy as any form of Energy whose generation leads to creation of negligible greenhouse gases and other waste products. 



About Mission Innovation:

  1. It is a global initiative of 22 countries and European Union to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation. These countries represent 80% of global clean energy R&D budget.

  2. Participant countries have committed to double clean energy research and development investments over five years.


Seven Mission Innovation Challenges:

  1. Smart Grid Innovation Challenge

    • To enable future grids that are powered by affordable, reliable, decentralised renewable electricity systems

  2. Off grid access to Electricity Innovation Challenge.

    • To develop systems that enable off-grid households and communities to access affordable and reliable renewable electricity

  3. Carbon capture Innovation Challenge.

    • To enable near-zero CO2 emissions from power plants and carbon intensive industries

  4. Sustainable Biofuel Innovation Challenge.

    • To develop ways to produce, at scale, widely affordable, advanced biofuels for transportation and industrial applications

  5. Converting Sunlight Innovation Challenge.

    • To discover affordable ways to convert sunlight into storable solar fuels

  6. Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge.

    • To accelerate the exploration, discovery, and use of new high-performance, low-cost clean energy materials

  7. Affordable Heating and Cooling of Building Innovation Challenge.

    • To make low-carbon heating and cooling affordable for everyone

See the below map to check the participants and leadership countries.



  1. Governments

  2. Private Sector and

  3. Business Leadership.


  1. MI Steering Committee:

    • Member Government representatives who are responsible for clean energy innovation.

  2. MI Secretariat:

    • Core administrative functions.

  3. MI Sub groups:

    • Information Sharing:

      • This Sub-Group helps each participating country provide easily-accessible information on its respective clean energy R&D efforts and support other elements of Mission Innovation, Including Joint Research and Business Engagement.

    • Analysis and Joint Research.

      • This Sub-Group helps member governments foster a common understanding of clean energy innovation needs across MI countries, which can provide insights for countries’ national plans and identify potential areas for collaboration.

    • Business and Investor Engagement.

      • This Sub-Group assists MI countries in identifying opportunities and engaging the private sector by exchanging information to improve understanding of clean energy innovation needs and perspectives, and encouraging investment to expand and enhance the innovation pipeline.


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