Prehistory - Palaeolithic Age

February 13, 2018

Hominid Evolution: These were marked by:

  1. Increase in Cranial capacity (Brain size)

  2. Changes in pelvic structure.

  3. Beginning of Bipedalism

  4. Modification of dental structure.

  5. Making of stone tools, emergence of some kind of social organization, beginning of language and capacity of symbolic thought.



Hominid remains:

  1. Hominid remains are found at Hathnora village on the northern bank of the Narmada.

  2. Human baby skull is found in Odai in the Villupuram district  of Tamil Nadu.

  3. Both male and female Mandibles (jaw or jawbone) are found at Mula-Mutha river in Pune district and male mandible is found at Bhimbetka.

These all are of Homo Erectus species.

Palaeolthic Age



  1. Dina and Jhelum basin

  2. Riwat near Rawalpindi

  3. Siwaliks

  4. Didwana in Rajasthan

  5. Hiran valley.

  6. Bhimbetka in MP.

  7. Belan valley in UP.

  8. Paisra in Kharagpur forests near Munger.

  9. Hunsgi and Krishna valley.

  10. Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh.

  11. Attirampakkam in the Kortallayar river basin is the richest palaeolithic site.

  12. Buddha Pushkar lake in Thar.


  1. Tools were largely made of Quartzite, chert, quartz.

  2. Animal bones were also used for creating tools. 

    • Animal bones were discovered at Belan valley.

  3. Large stone tools were also used.


  1. Ostrich shells were used for ornamental purposes. These were found at

    • Bhimbetka in the form of Beads.

    • Patne (in Maharashtra): Beads and a criss crossed art on shell.

    • Ramnagar

    • Chandresal.

    • Bhopal.

    • Mehtakeri

  2. Auditorium cave is found at Bhimbetka

  3. A shrine is found at Baghor I in MP.


  1. Lived in shelters made of rocks, branches, grass, leaves or reeds.

  2. More or less permanent settlements can be identified.


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